Abbiocco Food Truck | About Us
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Pete and Mik from Abbiocco


Abbiocco Food Truck is roaming the streets of Brisbane and beyond, serving up Italian style deliciousness.

We are the product of a creatively frustrated chef who just loves to cook tasty food and meet new people. Eager to escape the traditional chef life and keen to see something new every day, Pete & Mikayla dreamed up Abbiocco.

After months of planning and taste testing, the Abbiocco food truck was born in July 2016 (just two months before their real life child was born!)

Brisbane Food Truck Menu Cauliflower Italian


Our menu is made up of Italian ideas and flavours, done our way. Italian’ish style street food with our delicious house made sauces to match. We are passionate about doing everything possible from scratch so that our meals are as tasty, fresh and wholesome as possible. Abbiocco essentially means food coma, so come find us for some seriously satisfying food and enjoy the Abbiocco hospitality!