5 Steps to Book a Food Truck


Have you got a party coming up but not quite sure where to start with catering? A food truck with the right street cred promises to add to the fun vibe of your party, while keeping guests happy with delicious street food. Over the last 3 years we have been running, Abbiocco Food Truck has become a pretty well known feature in the food truck scene around Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. We have been catering parties from baby showers to weddings and everything in between over that time. 

If you’re chasing a food truck, here’s 5 things to think about when planning for your party –

1.When’s the party and how big?

Let’s get boring logistics out of the way – is the truck you want available on the date, or are you flexible with dates? And how many people are coming? Most trucks have a minimum spend which means that your numbers and/or the package you choose will have to add up. Once you’ve sorted out these details, we can move onto the fun stuff!

2. What’s your vision?

You may have a very clear idea about how you would like food served and could come up with a customised package, or you may not be completely sure and a phone call with the food truck may be best to talk through all sorts of different options! Food trucks can offer street food style catering (for that really authentic “food truck vibe”) through to canapes or buffet catering. Check with the food truck about what is on offer and share your vision – it’s your event after all and it’s gotta stack up!

3. Where’s the party?

Whether you’re having the party at your local hall or your parents property out in woop-woop, there’s perks to being a mobile kitchen! Keep in mind the roads to get there, access to the property and where you would like the food truck to park. A steep gravel driveway may not be a food trucks best friend, but a flat surface to park might just make up for it! If you’re not sure about any of these things be sure to bring it up and there should be some easy fixes. Another consideration for location is travel, does the food truck charge a travel fee? Most do, to cover the travel to get there and also extra staff costs for the time.

4. What time will food start?

When would you like your guests to be fed? Make sure to get a caterer who works with you. You should be setting a specific time for food service to start, the truck will arrive an hour or so before to setup and stay until all guests are fed (or in some cases stuffed full and ready to roll home). Most trucks do have a 2-3hr service window so it is best to ensure that your guests are aware when food is ready to go (thank you MC!) This will also ensure that guests get food while it’s hot! If having more than one course, consider the timing between them and what other events are happening (photos, speeches, etc.) so that the day runs smoothly and guests are well fed and happy! That’s the number one goal here, right?

5. Get a quote!

Like booking anything, be sure to ask for a copy of the terms & conditions and have a good read! What’s included – do the costs include GST, cooking and waitstaff, are there booking and travel fees? Also find out what type of deposit is required, how to make payments and what happens if (heaven forbid!) you need to cancel. If there’s anything you’re unsure about be sure to ask so that you can be completely confident!


Photo by: Nienke Verhoef Photography