Catering Trends for 2020

As 2019 wraps up, we are excited to be finishing off our catering menus for next year, and look forward to getting involved in some upcoming trends in catering! Here are 4 things we love, and think will be a great addition to event catering in 2020..

Feasting Style Catering

What’s not to love? An abundance of delicious food laid out on guest tables for everyone to help themselves. It’s social eating which feels like being at the dinner table at home and conversations start up amongst those sitting together. Food brings people together after all! From meat & veg, to pasta share plates and salads, the popularity of our feasting menus speaks for itself.

The Late Night Snack

Glazed ham, bread & butter, need we say more? Imagine nearing the end of the night, your guests have been burning up the dance floor after a few too many wines and start to get peckish again. Queue the carved glazed leg of ham, bread rolls, butter & sauces for guests to fill up again. It’s midnight snacks but fancy.

Platter Queen Evolution

Grazing tables.. every woman and her bestie are vying for the title of  “platter queen” these days, so the trend is certainly not new. But we are seeing a change in the type of food included to become a lot more versatile. Hot canape style food, amazing dessert platters and brunch boards, we can’t wait for more of these next year.

Sustainable Packaging

We can all do our bit! Ditching items such as straws, plastic plates and cutlery, means we can all do our bit to cutdown on single use plastics. Many councils have already banned these items from events in 2020. Catering is always a challenge as guests still need plates and cutlery, so we are sure to use only cardboard packaging, wooden cutlery and biocups (made from plant material) when we need them. This is a trend we hope everyone will be onboard with in 2020.